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Risk Management Courses

Risk is unforeseeable, unpredictable, and problematic.

Risk Management Training (1--5 days)

The below courses provide in-depth knowledge about today's highest priorities – identifying, analyzing, mitigating, financing, and assessing business and operational risks. Participants will engage in multiple group activities to learn and apply risk management principles.

Note: Several workshops are linked to a unique course syllabus.

  1. COSO ERM: The Basics

  2. Deliberate Risk Management

  3. ERM: The Foundations

  4. ERM: Moving Up the Maturity Model

  5. Facilitating Fraud Risk Assessments

  6. Fraud Risk Assessments

  7. From Risks to Roots (using Root Cause Analysis in the Risk Assessment)

  8. Identifying & Evaluating Internal Controls

  9. Intelligent Internal Controls

  10. Organizational Value Creation: The COSO Way

  11. Risk Assessments Done Right!

  12. Risk Assessments & Internal Controls

  13. The Chicken or the Egg: Strategic Planning or Risk Assessments

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