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Keynote Speaking

Conferences & Events


How do WE define an effective keynote speaker?

Genuinely connects with and engages the audience

Encourages spirited two-way conversations through group interaction

Attends every part of your event to effectively pull key ideas and design customized, relevant content

What makes our keynote address stand out from the rest?

We motivate change and inspire attendees to take action

Our energetic, positive, and humorous messages delight audiences worldwide

We incorporate your audience and event messages into memorable opening or closing addresses

We involve the participants in group activities during our keynotes to source relevant ideas

We do not lecture or read PowerPoints to your audience...we are touted for our unique, engaging style!

Opening Keynotes

Are you looking for someone to kick off your event and energize your audience to prepare them for a day of learning, sharing, and networking? Then we are here to help. We bring a unifying, uplifting message to your audience to start off your event with a bang!

Closing Keynotes

Leaving a lasting impression on your audience is essential for the success of your conference or event. We are here to help you leave that memorable impression! Our speakers get to know your audience in advance to effectively incorporate connective and conference-based content into your customized keynote addresses.

Keynote Topics

We present engaging and motivating topics to meet your goals and needs, including:

Our speakers offer a wide range of relevant and engaging topics

We align content with your event theme, content, and concurrent sessions

We proactively learn who the other speakers are to complement their messages

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