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Courses by Topic

This suite of courses are developed and presented by practicing industry experts. You will learn the tools necessary to perform successful internal audits.

These advanced workshops are intended for experienced auditors who are familiar with the introductory concepts of internal audit and risk-based approaches.

These classes are designed to help you learn how to implement and enhance risk management and the second line of defense activities.

Internal Controls get a bad rap, but they are merely misunderstood! Governance controls to transaction controls help the first line of defense accomplish goals and objectives. These courses will enhance your understanding of controls purpose, design, and measures.

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam is the premier designation for internal audit professionals. Our CIA Exam Review courses prepare professionals for all three parts of the test in both classroom and on-line formats. We boast a 94% pass rate for students who attempted the exam and followed our specific instruction, including at least 80 hours of additional study time outside of the classroom.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence continue to develop as a necessary tool in daily business management and reporting. These courses aid in the understanding, creation, enhancing, and reporting of business information.

Information Technology (IT) is here to stay. It is in integrated in every facet of business. This suite of courses develops a comprehensive understanding of IT processes, risks, and controls.


These courses explore the recent activities of FASB, GASB, the Auditing Standards Board, or the Accounting & Review Services Committee of the AICPA. New standards are released often and we can prepare to implement them in a practical way.

Whether you call them soft skills or emotional intelligence, all professionals must master these skills to climb the ladder. From communication skills to critical thinking skills, these courses teach the soft skills tools and techniques for all experience levels.

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