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Internal Audit Essentials


Beginning Auditor Training (1--5 days)

The below courses for novice auditors teaches the essentials and basics for all types of internal audits: risk-based, operational, IT, compliance, and financial audits. Participants engage in multiple group activities to learn and apply the audit model and life cycle (planning, performing, and reporting).

Note: The following underlined workshops are linked to a unique course syllabus.


Beginning Auditor Bootcamp (2 – 4 days)

Fundamentals of Internal Auditing (2 days)

Introduction to Internal Auditing (1 day)

Audit Sampling and Testing

Workpaper Documentation Techniques (1 day)

Internal Audit Fundamentals for Banks and Financial Institutions (2 – 3 days)

Internal Auditing Standards (2013 IPPF)


All courses are completely customized depending on your audience needs.

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