Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you deliver in-house courses?

Yes, over 70% of our business is driven by in-house training.


2. Can you deliver virtual or web based training?

Yes, this is a growing service for all of our instructors.


3. Do you come on-site?

Yes, over 90% of our business is on-site delivery (i.e., on location at a corporate, government, or   non-profit client site). We come to you whenever (and wherever) you need us!


4. Can you customize a program for us?

Yes, we customize programs to fit your desired content areas to run within the duration you require. We also customize based on an audit methodologies, programs, and reports.


5. How many days notice will you need to prepare a customized program?

We can prepare a customized program in as little as one week. We are typically secured for an engagement in advance, but we do our best to meet your needs with our many trainers.

6. Do you offer on-demand programs?

No, not at this time.


7. When do you expect payment?

Our contract requires a 50% up front deposit to secure our firm. The remaining 50% will be due after completion of services.


8. Who pays travel expenses?

Typically, our clients reimburse Raven Global Training for travel costs.


9. What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer payment by check or wire transfer.


10. Do you provide CPEs?

Yes, all courses are NASBA-certified and eligible for both state CPA societies and IIA credentials.


11. How do we know who are instructor will be?

Trainers and facilitators are selected based on specialization, location, and availability. Each instructor will be carefully chosen to meet the unique needs of our valued clients.

12. Who prints training materials?

For most of our courses, clients are provided soft copies of training materials at least one week in advance.


13. Are we allowed to re-use your training materials for future training?

All of our training and education materials are copyright protected by Raven Global Training, LLC.


14. How long are your classes and workshops?

Program duration varies between one hour to five days. Courses are customized to meet your training needs, and topics may be combined.


15. How do I share feedback regarding our experience with Raven Global Training, LLC?

Please go to our Testimonials page to share your comments. They will be sent to us immediately!