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Why Partner With Us?


We customize training in collaboration with you to meet your needs.

We listen to your preferences and design a program that best fits your needs.

We identify, build, and deploy training and tools that align to your goals.


We are easy to work with and make sure that engaging with us is straightforward.

There is no red-tape to cut through to customize your course.

Our contracts preserve the interests of all parties involved.

We take a customer-centric approach...and we deliver what you ask for!


Our participants get practical tips and strategies from experts with real-world experience.

Beyond the PowerPoint: We like interacting and connecting with our audience. We do not rely slide  decks. We engage participants with participant workbook to present your content.

Learning approaches vary: We help our students retain knowledge by incorporating highly engaging group activities, breakout sessions, and discussions. Really, why wait for a Q&A session; we encourage frequent dialogue and questions in all our sessions.

Actionable lesson plans: We collaborate with our participants on creating and implementing plans to help improve group and individual success.


We are a growing but still boutique firm with a customer-centric focus to meet your unique needs.

We do not have a large sales force or administrative staff to navigate through.

When you work with us, you are working directly with a senior person on our team.

The person who scopes out your project may be the same person who will deliver your project.

Internal Audit Departments, Risk Groups, Business Leaders, and Associations regularly choose

Raven Global Training because we are different from other training a good way. 

Are you ready for an enjoyable, fun, energetic, educational, and entertaining training session?

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