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Performing Value-Added Audits

This series of courses helps auditors add more value to our stakeholders and explores several types of audits.


Performing Value Added Audits (1 - 3 days):

  • Agile AuditingTM (1 day)

  • Value Added Internal Audits (2 days)

    • Trends and Best Practices in Internal Auditing

    • Internal Audit Standards and Best Practices (1 day)

    • Improving Your Audit Department’s Performance and Best Practices (1 day)

  • Branding and Marketing Your Internal Audit Activity

    • Branding Your Internal Audit Activity Workshop (1 day)

    • Marketing the Internal Auditing Activity…Strategies that Work: Workshop (1 day)

  • Integrated Auditing (3 day)

All courses are completely customized depending on your audience needs.


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