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Other Training

Specialized Audit

  • Auditing and COSO Principles

  • Auditing Concepts for Capital Markets

  • Auditing Investment Products

  • Auditing Investments and Derivatives

  • Auditing Mortgage Banking Processes

  • Auditing Mutual Fund Activities

  • Auditing Not for Profits

  • Auditing Oversight / Governance Functions

  • Banking Supervision and Basel II Reviews

  • Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Audit (FCPA) Reviews

  • Fraud for Financial Services

  • Implications of IFRS Implementation on Internal Auditors

  • Improving Your Audit Department’s Performance

  • Internal Audit Consulting Principles

  • Internal Auditing for Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Setting up your Internal Audit Department

  • Strategic Planning and Risk Assessments

  • Working with Your Audit Committee

Topics for non-Auditors

All courses are completely customized depending on your audience needs.

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