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Ceciliana Watkins, PMP, CIA, CRMA, CISA

Bi-lingual Trainer (Spanish) / Facilitator / PMP



Ceciliana is a dynamic, passionate, and engaging instructor with hands-on experience in Risk Management and Internal Audit with the capacity to deliver effective courses in Spanish or English. She thrives on exploring opportunities to increase process efficiency and systems and constantly looks for innovative and creative strategies to instruct and lead others in conducting audits better, faster, and more effectively. She is fully dedicated to the principle of continuous improvement.

"Helping Clients Succeed by Forging Logical Solutions"


Ceciliana’s drive and desire to transform, negotiate, and forge solutions are embedded in her teaching style.


She strives to create logical strategies and seeks clear solutions through a team-oriented approach. She “enjoys helping people learn and having fun while doing it!”

She brings over 24 years of knowledge leading multiple projects and performing a variety of audits from sales and use tax to internal audits including compliance, operational, performance, and consulting. Ceciliana’s proficiency in Internal Audit and Risk Management involves directing, leading, and performing a wide range of audit, consulting, and advisory services. She has helped her organization with governance, risk, and compliance by providing value-added solutions to complex business processes and systems. She currently manages an internal audit division of nine auditors for a state government agency that employs over 4,800 staff.


As a Certified Project Management Professional for over ten years and a project manager over several projects involving diverse groups, Ceciliana has learned to be resilient, flexible, and ready for unexpected changes. As the Project Manager for her agency’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) initiative, she facilitated creation, development, and implementation of the agency-wide ERM framework including providing multifaceted training and facilitation courses, internal control guides, coaching, and teaching multiple departments in the development of their risk assessment.


Her training and knowledge in the application of internal audit, project and risk management, and ERM concepts, methods, and principles assist others in better assessing strengths and weaknesses and improve internal control systems. Ceciliana also helps colleagues learn the value and importance of proper time management, clear scope, appropriate resource allocation, and well-defined responsibilities with proper accountability.


Her audit experience includes successful reengineering the entire business processes for the internal audit program in collaboration with the audit team. Tasks included identifying, evaluating, and implementing changes to each step in the audit lifecycle, standardizing audit templates, developing, and documenting policies and procedures culminated in a comprehensive Audit Manual. The project resulted in greater efficiencies in audit performance, increased productivity, and improved quality and timeliness of audits as a result of introducing risk focused lean audit approach.


Ceciliana graduated with her Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security, and Risk Management from Boston University in May 2016, and her BSBA in Accounting from California Polytechnic State University (1992). She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Risk Management and Business Continuity from Boston University and a Master’s Certificate in Applied Project Management from Villanova University.

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